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EZ-COLLETS App Improves Accuracy Of Wheel Balancing Jobs

The new EZ-COLLETS app will allow for a faster setup, will help improve balancing accuracy, and will help ensure rim protection.

Hofmann Wheel Aligners: New Look, Enhanced Features

Designed with cutting-edge technology for professional technicians.

Hofmann Geoliner 590 Mobile Wheel Alignment System

Imaging technology and user-friendly software are some of the features of this new system offering premium performance.

Hofmann Offers Complete Alignment Solution

The Hofmann 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift System can be used on any vehicle from compact cars to heavy-duty pickups.

Hofmann Monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer Combines Speed, Versatility, Safety

Featuring a compact design and a quick and easy setup, the new Hofmann monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies.

Hofmann Releases New High Volume Wheel Balancer

The Hofmann Geodyna 7340 wheel balancer offers a high performance, a small physical footprint and accurate balancing results in the first run, said the company.

Hofmann Introduces New Line Of Tire Changing Systems

This new comprehensive line of tire changers are specifically designed to increase productivity and improve performance so that shops can change more tires more efficiently during the course of a day.

Hofmann Introduces New geodyna Wheel Balancers

With fully automatic data entry via scanner and the patented smartSonar, the geodyna 8200 offers other unique features, including the power clamp electromechanical clamping system, radial run-out, automatic spoke detection and touchscreen interface for improved productivity and performance, says the company.

Hofmann Introduces smartSpeed Tire Changers

The Hofmann smartSpeed tire changers are not only easy to operate, but shops will experience a new level of productivity when they use one of these performance-enhancing tire changers, said the company.

Hofmann Launches New Website

The new site features more in-depth information about the innovative line of Hofmann wheel balancers and tire changers, aligners, lifts and brake lathes.

Renovated Hofmann Training Facility Provides State-Of-The-Art Learning Opportunities

The recently renovated Hofmann training and manufacturing facility in Conway, Arkansas, provides instructional classes to help shop owners and professional service technicians improve performance, productivity and their bottom line.

Hofmann Offers geoliner 320 Portable Imaging Wheel Aligner

This new design enables a high-quality alignment system to be added in bays that previously couldn’t accommodate conventional imaging alignment systems.