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Retrospective: Brake Service In Vintage Hollywood Style

In 1932, our editors made this Hollywood shop a star.

Retro: Roadside Display Credited For Selling Three Out Of Five Brake Jobs At Shop

In the April 1962 issue of Brake & Front End, editors discussed clever merchandising techniques. The Collins Brothers, George and James, in Marietta, GA, created their roadside spectacle on Route 41 with an old 1950 Ford Coupe and a discarded department store mannequin.

Don’t Be A Parts Swapper! Improve Your Scope Skills

Over the past 25 years, the scope has evolved. New scopes are faster, easier to use with more automated features to capture waveforms faster. But, they all do the same thing since the 1960s, graphing voltage over time. As every year has passed, they have become faster and more intelligent on setting up scales and triggers automatically.

RETRO: 1949 Crosley First Disc Brake Used Airplane Parts

In 1949, the tiny Crosley two-door weighed just 1,000 lbs, and the brakes were hydraulically actuated 6-inch discs. The brakes were adapted from a Goodyear-Hawley design and used off-the-shelf aviation parts. While this article from the April 1949 issue touts the advanced design and jet-age technology of the Crosley, after a year, the system was dropped for two reasons. First, the aircraft alloy parts had corrosion problems. Second, airplanes typically use the brakes only during takeoff and landing. Thus, constant use of the brakes caused the caliper mechanism to fail prematurely.