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Forensics Investigator Brian F. Chase Joins The Global Brake Safety Council

Chase is an expert in the sciences of motor vehicle crash reconstruction and automotive technology at state and federal court levels. He serves as the vehicle forensics expert for the Office of the United States Attorney and F.B.I. out of the Washington D.C., field office and is the retained leading expert nationally for high-profile criminal cases inclusive of felony murder.

FMSI Releases Brake Pad Applications That Use Mechanical Attachment In North America

The Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI) has updated its database to include information on whether the original brake pads from the OEMs utilize mechanical attachment methods to secure the friction material to the backing plate.

Global Brake Safety Council Partners With IPR Center To Promote Automotive Safety With Warnings About Replacement Brake Pads

The effort is the result of recent concerns expressed by the GBSC over what it calls “the infiltration of fraudulent brakes” that are jeopardizing the safety of motorists with brake pads and other brake system components that it says can lead to malfunction or complete brake system failure.

Global Brake Safety Council Releases Update To Brake Pad Failure Mode Field Study

This past year, the Global Brake Safety Council conducted an engineering field study of 3,200 discarded brake pads, to determine whether the pads had failed or were just worn past specifications. Recently, the Council provided an update to the study to include a third geographical location.

New Study On Brake Pad Failure Modes And Corrosion Find Some Vehicles Pose A Significant Safety Risk

In a recent engineering field study of 3,200 brake pads, the Global Brake Safety Council analyzed discarded pads to find out it the pad had failed or just worn past specifications. The study classified each of the pads into five distinct categories or failure modes. The study also took into account the geographic location of where the pad was collected to help make the connection between corrosion of the backing plate, shims, and attached hardware.