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Tesla Wheel Bearing Replacement

The process of replacing the hub unit on a Tesla is the same as many cars and light trucks.

EV Charging

Here are some of the most common questions about EV chargers.

Pittsburgh Shop Owner Finds It’s Easy Being Green

Pittsburgh’s Baum Blvd. Automotive strives for professional work using the best sustainable practices.

Welcome To 2035 – Here’s What It Might Look Like

The future is what we make it. We need to start addressing technology now so 2035 becomes a bright future.

Autotrader Names 10 Best Electric Cars for 2021

During Earth Month 2021, the search for a new battery-powered vehicle just got easier.

D&V Electronics Opens New Technical Center

The new location allows electric powertrain testing solutions for performance, reliability and manufacturing quality.

NRS Brakes Redesigns Mustang Mach E Brake Pads

An aftermarket re-design and upgrade for the new Ford Mustang Mach-E has been introduced by NRS Brakes.

Tesla Model S Suspension

For any electric vehicle, the alignment not only protects the tires it helps to increase the range.

Shop Operators: Don’t Take Yourself Out Of The Electric Vehicles (EV) Game

Like it or not, electric vehicles are here and more are coming.

KYB Partners With REE Automotive On Modular EV Platform

The KYB-REE partnership marks the first time KYB has formally collaborated on EV platforms with a technology company.