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VIDEO: Understanding How Dual Clutch Systems Operate

Don’t be overwhelmed by dual-clutch systems. This video is sponsored by LuK, a Schaeffler brand.

Dual Clutch Transmission Diagnostics

The dual-clutch transmission produces a drivetrain that has the efficiency of a manual transmission, but the ease of use of an automatic. Compared to automatic transmissions, one manufacturer claims a 5–10 percent reduction in fuel consumption from just this one feature.

dual clutch transmission diagnostics
How Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Work?

Dual clutch transmissions are like ­having two manual transmissions shifting together while being controlled like an automatic transmission. This is the transmission of the future because it is lighter than an automatic and is just as ­efficient as a manual transmission. Instead of a linkage connected to a shifter in the cabin, the shift forks

Dual Clutch Transmission