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How To Handle An Aging (Vehicle) Population – Video

Drivers – and cars – are changing. Here’s how you can reach them. This video is presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

VIDEO: Your Best Customer Is Your Current Customer

Here’s the best way to ensure your current customer keeps coming back. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

5 Brake Add-Ons To Boost Profitability, Customer Satisfaction

Even if guide pins are not damaged, swollen or hardened guide seals or lack of lubrication may cause the caliper to bind.

Why Charging More For Brake Jobs Keeps Customers Coming Back

Why is everyone chasing the cheapest brake service? It often seems that new-car dealers, chains and independent shops are locked in a race to the bottom when it comes to brake service.

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VIDEO: Key Fob-Based TPMS Relearns

Andrew Markel explains why getting the key fob from the customer is important in some TPMS relearn procedures. Sponsored by Bartec.

Customer Satisfaction: You Can’t Win Them All

When you start your own business, your initial goal is to make every customer happy. But as the years go on, you realize some people aren’t going to be happy no matter how good of a job you do.

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BRAKELIGHT: Spiffs from the 1970s (1976)

A spiff, SPIF (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) or spiv is typically given by a manufacturer or distributor for selling a specific product or for buying an assortment of parts. Special spiffs have been around since the start of Brake & Front End. Products that could be used outside of the shop were a little more