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Axle Torque Procedures

Guessing the correct torque setting is a bad idea.

Clutch “No Release” Problems

Poor clutch release makes it difficult to start and stop the vehicle or change gears.

Clutch Release
Manual Transmission Service

Parts that wear out must be replaced.

Manual Transmission Failure Causes

One of the most common reasons behind why a manual transmission fails is lack of lubrication.

Priming Concentric Slave Cylinders Before Installation (VIDEO)

These slave cylinders can be difficult to bleed if installed before they’re filled. Sponsored by LuK, a Schaeffler brand.

VIDEO: Checking Transmission Clutch Health

Andrew Markel discusses several ways to diagnose a clutch’s healthy operation to maximize the life of the transmission. Sponsored by Valeo.

Purging Air From Hydraulic Clutch Systems

Replacing a clutch bearing on a Ford Ranger, Explorer, Navajo or F-Series truck generally completes the repair with no further replacement parts needed. However, master cylinders may need to be replaced, which could result in air getting into the system. This tech tip describes a common method to remove the air from a standard hydraulic clutch system.

Platinum Driveline Increases Online Presence

Through partnerships with ShowMeTheParts and Nexcat, Platinum’s customers now can research fitments online to assist them in reducing time spent looking up parts and avoiding mistakes.

Complete Clutch Replacement: No Noise, No Comeback

Diagnosing clutch and manual transmission noise can be a difficult diagnosis. There is no way of attaching a scan tool or looking into the bellhousing while the clutch is under load. Clutch diagnostics requires logic and understanding of how the parts interact.

Dealing With Remanufactured Transmissions

When replacing a transmission, you have many options. Remanufactured transmissions are disassembled and rebuilt in a factory environment. Rebuilt transmissions are those that are characteristically cleaned, inspected and wear items like clutch plates and seals are replaced. These transmissions usually come with only a short-term warranty. Used or salvage transmissions can be pulled from anywhere

Slipping Clutch: Improper Flywheel Step and Cup Dimensions

Slipping is one of the most common clutch related concerns. A slipping condition can occur after years of service or immediately after installation of a new clutch and is caused by various scenarios. One of the most commonly seen and easily prevented causes of slipping is improper step and cup dimensions (Figures 1 and 2)

Schaeffler luk clutch feature
Causes of Clutch Failure: Diagnosing Chatter

One of the most difficult clutch-related problems is chatter. Chatter is sometimes difficult to diagnose because it has many root causes, and some of them may not seem related at first. Chatter can be detected as a pulsing or a grabbing sensation that resonates into the ­vehicle cabin and originates from the driveline or chassis/suspension.

Chatter clutch diagnosis