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Buy or Bend?

What is your strategy for exhaust service?

Viewpoint: Cat Burglars and the Converter Cartel

How many catalytic converters can a battery-powered reciprocating saw cut from a dealer’s lot before the battery runs out? The answer is 18, according to news reports. In one night, 18 converters were removed at a Mentor, OH, Mitsubishi dealership. Other dealerships have been hit, with an average of 15 converters cut loose per night.

Codes & Converters

It is a moral dilemma that many shops encounter on a regular basis. It starts when a good customer comes in with the engine light a blaze. Running your usual diagnostics, you encounter a catalytic converter efficiency code, slow to responded oxygen sensor or some proprietary fuel trim code. Other than the light, the customer

Exhaust Parts

Too Much Weight

Replacing Oxygen Sensor: Saving the Environment and Your Customer’s Catalytic Converter

The oxygen (O2) sensor is the master switch in the fuel control feedback loop. The sensor monitors the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust and produces a voltage signal that varies from about 0.1 volts (lean) to 0.9 volts (rich). The computer uses the O2 sensor’s signal to constantly fine tune and flip-flop the