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Eastern Catalytic Launches New ECO Carb and Full Line Catalytic Converter Catalogs and Enhances Online Access

Eastern Catalytic has just released two new product catalogs – a 56-page ECO CARB Converter Catalog and a 362-page Full Line Catalog.

Thieves Stealing Catalytic Converters from Repair Shops

Shop owners in Toledo, OH, have seen an increase in the number of catalytic converters that are being stolen from vehicles in their parking lots. They are hoping that surveillance video will help the police catch the thieves.

Repair Shop Has Catalytic Converters Cut From a Dozen Vehicles

A repair shop in Lilburn, GA, was recently targeted by a thief who cut the catalytic converters from 12 vehicles that were on the lot. Four of the converters were taken from customers’ vehicles.

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Check Engine Light is on with Fault Code P0420

If you find that the Check Engine Light (MIL) is on with fault code P0420 (16804) stored in the fault memory, the condition may be caused by a defective catalytic converter(s). If any other fault codes are present besides catalyst (CAT) faults, the other codes must be addressed and corrected before proper/complete CAT testing can be performed.

Tech Feature: Exhaust Leaks and the Stoichiometric Ratio

When I was a kid, I used to watch my dad, who started out as a diesel mechanic, tune up cars and trucks from time to time. He would turn the adjustment screws on the carburetor until the engine smoothed out and started to purr. Then, after listening closely to the rumbling of the motor, the adjustment screws would get one final tweak. He would always bend down and cup his hand around the belching tail pipe exhaust and take a big sniff of the fumes, and then go back to his adjustments. That was back in the 60s and 70s before PCMs, O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

Catalytic Converter Thief Arrested After Tip from Salvage Yard

A Georgetown, DE, man was arrested and charged with numerous crimes relating to the theft of catalytic converters from the parking lots of car dealerships and auto parts stores. A salvage yard called police after the man tried to sell them a quantity of converters.

‘Sound Off’ with Your Favorite DynoMax Cat-Back Systems and Save this Summer

DynoMax Performance Exhaust will offer enthusiasts a chance to save on their DynoMax cat-back exhaust purchase this summer through the “Sound Off” promotion. The “Sound Off” promotion offers $75 mail-in rebate for the purchase of any qualifying cat-back performance system.

Tech Tip: Follow These Steps Prior to Replacing Kia’s Catalytic Converter After Finding DTC P0422

Kia’s OBD II engine management systems use dual oxygen sensors, which among other things allow monitoring of the efficiency of the Manifold Catalytic Converter (MCC), also referred to as the “warmup” cat. Some technicians who retrieve DTC P0422 – Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) mistakenly replace the catalytic converter under the floor of the vehicle (possibly because the converter under the car has been referred to as the “main” catalyst). This leads to repeat repairs, unnecessary expense and customer dissatisfaction.

Tenneco Adding Nearly 400 New Parts to Walker Exhaust Line

Tenneco Inc. will introduce nearly 400 new parts to its Walker line of replacement exhaust products in 2011 and dramatically expand foreign-nameplate application coverage available through its global Starla exhaust offering.

Tech Spec: 100 Years of Changing Internal Combustion Technology

It would be interesting to hear what Nicolaus Otto, credited as the father of the first functional four-stroke IC engine, would say after seeing some of the advanced powerplants dropped into vehicles today.

Man Arrested for Stealing 14 Catalytic Converters in Broad Daylight

Police have arrested a man for stealing 14 catalytic converters in Albemarle County, VA. The suspect used an electric Sawzall, which was connected to a generator in the bed of his truck. Police reported that the converters were sold out of the area for between $60 and $80 each. The thefts caused an estimated $23,988 in damages.

Thieves Targeting Catalytic Converters in Wal-Mart Parking Lot [VIDEO]

Police in Atlanta, GA, say thieves have targeted vehicles parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot several times during the past month. With the right saw, it only takes the thieves a minute or two steal a catalytic converter.