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Tech Tip: GM PASSLOCK Relearn Procedure

Vehicle will not start after the original ECM has been replaced. The original ECM has a security code (PASSLOCK) stored in its memory that matches the vehicle’s instrument panel cluster or security module (if so equipped). The replacement ECM can only receive the PASSLOCK code after it is installed in the vehicle and a relearn performed on the ECM.

Tech Feature: Finding Electrical Shorts on Multiple Circuits

When I was a kid, I saw a movie called the “Juggernaut” with Richard Harris as the main character. It was about a cruise liner that was about to blow up because a terrorist had planted 55 gallon drum bombs all over the ship. The premise of the story line is that Richard Harris was going to save all the people on the ship by defusing the bombs. All through the movie, there were references to the different relays and electrical circuits.

Wheel Speed Sensors: ABS and TCS Signal Use

The signals from the Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS) are the most important sensor input to the Brake Control Module (BCM) for ABS activation.

Using OBD II Diagnostics to Communicate with Your Customer’s Volkswagen

This article is about communication faults and problems that have occurred on Volkswagens over the last 10-plus years. Many of the same problems still exist on the newest models, but as these vehicles age, get repaired or damaged, problems come up that can challenge even the very best technicians.

Tech Feature: Where Do You Start with Mercedes No-Start Diagnostics?

Hundreds of times a year, repair shops will get cars brought to them to repair a “No Start” fault. This article is going to discuss the process that it takes to make repairs when there are so many variables. Though this article will be focused on Mercedes-Benz, the steps can be used for any make or model.

Tech Feature: Making $ (Money) with Mode $06

Mode $06 is one of the nine diagnostic modes that is part of the OBD II on-board diagnostics system on all 1996 and newer vehicles.

Toyota Tech Feature: Diagnosing Today’s Complex Electronics Systems

Find out the latest innovations in scan tool technology, and what your scan tool should be doing for you.

Porsche Engine Diagnostics: Misfire Codes, Fuel Trim Faults, Secondary Air Injection

Porsche has been building engines for decades that will literally fit in a suitcase, but are still able to put out horsepower that rivals many larger engines. Find out how to keep the Porsche Boxster engine running smoothly.

Active Safety Technology: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning & Collision Mitigation Braking

A vehicle that stops itself may sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but the technology is here and now. From collision mitigation braking to adaptive cruise control, find out how many of today’s next generation active safety systems come into play.

Tech Feature: Rediscovering Your DMM Relationship

Sometimes we become so caught up in leading-edge diagnostic technology that we forget that a professional-grade digital volt-ohm meter (DVOM) or digital multimeter (DMM) is a vital tool in any technician’s diagnostic arsenal.

Tech Feature: BMW and J2534 Pass-Thru Programming

In the U.S., 8 percent of the cars on the road are European vehicles. OK, that doesn’t sound like much, but think of it this way: an average repair yields more dollars per repair than most domestic and Asian vehicles. In most cases, each repair pays better. Plus, the vehicle owners have more invested into the vehicle, so they want to spend the money to fix their vehicle correctly. That 8 percent of cars on the road can pack a powerful punch when it comes to automotive repair shops making money.

Mercedes ‘CAN’ Diagnostics — Uncovering Faults Speeds The Repair Process

Dealing with frustrating error messages on your scanner? Import Specialist Contributor Larry Bailly covers some of the more common faults when dealing with Mercedes CAN wiring, what it takes to plan and achieve diagnostic success, and the places to look for the cause of faults.