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Quality-Built Brake Calipers Powered by MPA

Backed by over 50 years of legendary attention to quality, Quality-Built calipers deliver optimal stopping performance and reliability in any driving situation. Quality-Built caliper units feature OE style zinc plated finishes, all new EPDM rubber boots, and seals, and 100% new phenolic pistons. Each caliper is installation-ready with new bleeder screws, banjo bolts, and application-specific

VIDEO: How Do Brake Pad Shims Work?

Brake pad shims create a barrier between the brake pad and caliper. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

Raybestos Expands Element3 Caliper Coverage

Raybestos Element3 brake calipers come with 100-percent-new components, no core return and lower warranty rates.

VIDEO: Worn Brake Pads Say A Lot

Before you throw out the old brake pads or order a new set, take a good look at them. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

CARDONE Tech Tip: Installing Aluminum Brake Calipers

When you install the caliper, the banjo bolt gets fed through the end of the brake hose and mounts to the inlet of the caliper.

Putting The Spring In Your Brake Jobs

Brake hardware is often a second thought when it comes to replacing a set of brake pads. I can remember not that long ago when it was rare that any new hardware was included with the replacement brake pads.

White Calipers, Deep Pockets

The Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB) has a hardened tungsten carbide coating and specially developed brake pads to improve performance and reduce brake dust.

Aluminum Caliper Service

If the engineers of a vehicle decided to use aluminum for the body of the calipers, they were probably more focused on performance than they were on the cost to manufacture. Aluminum calipers enhance the performance of a vehicle by reducing what they call un-sprung weight, which helps acceleration and handling.

aluminum caplier service
Undercar Trend Watch: Loaded Calipers, Struts, Arms And Knuckles

The main advantage of a loaded, unitized or complete assembly is not the cost of the part, but rather the efficiency it offers the technician and the greater effectiveness of repair it gives the customer. By packing a loaded caliper, strut, control arm or even knuckle into a job, you can create a “win/win” for everyone.

BRAKELIGHT: Chevy Avalanche

A customer recently brought in a Chevy Avalanche due to a slight brake noise. Both pads were gone, the caliper piston was AWOL and the rotor looked like this. — Submitted by Ryan Dickerson, Blackville, SC

Loaded Caliper Installation Guidelines

Caliper replacement is often the best course of action to ensure that a braking system will perform at an optimal level, both in terms of safety, performance and maximizing brake pad life. There are a bunch of small reasons to recommend caliper replacement: rubber boots, seals and gaskets that wear down, dry up and eventually

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Nissan Titan Brake Job

The Titan is Nissan’s full-size pickup. The Titan has had no major brake problems or recalls, and the brakes are fairly easy to service. Nissan had a few teething problems with brake judder on 2004-‘06 models, but this was corrected with better brake formulations and training at the dealerships. Front Brakes The front brakes on

Nissan Titan