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Why Does My Car Shake When I Brake?

Assuming that new pads and rotors will automatically fix the problem will only create more issues.

VIDEO: Hard Brake Pedal Problems

Here’s how a brake pad can cause a hard brake pedal. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper.

Raybestos Tech Tip: Low Brake Pedal From Bad Wheel Bearing

When a vehicle comes into a shop with a low or spongy brake pedal, what is your first thought? Chances are you think it is a problem in the hydraulic system. It could be a faulty master cylinder, a leak in the brake lines or a bad caliper.

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Brake Friction

Andrew Markel discusses the computations humans make to apply the brakes on a vehicle, and how they can change based on hard or soft pedal, pulsation and vibration, or other factors. Sponsored by NAPA.

Measuring Brake Pedals And Pads

On a mechanical level, it is easy to understand how brakes work. We all understand that brake fluid transfers force from one hydraulic component to another. But, how does this apply to how a brake pedal feels? This is where math is required.

Tech Tip: Low, Sinking Or Spongy Brake Pedal

Master cylinder may be leaking fluid past the piston seals internally (by passing), not building up pressure. When diagnosing a master cylinder, keep in mind the type of seals that are used are lip cup seals. This design allows for the seal to improve as the pressure increases. Another feature of this seal is that it does not create a vacuum when the piston retracts.

VIDEO: Low Pedal Condition On High Performance Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses high performance vehicles, and how a low pedal condition could come from bearing performance. Sponsored by BCA Bearings.

Honda: Brake Pedal Feels Hard In The Morning Or In Cold Weather

The brake pedal can feel hard during the first couple of brake applications, usually in the morning when the temperature is cold. At cold start in high altitude, combined with the fast idle retard operation, the intake manifold vacuum supply is at its lowest, resulting in low booster assist.