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Measuring Once Prevents Brake Comebacks

Runout is defined as the amount of lateral (side-to-side) movement of the rotor as it rotates 360 degrees.

Building Brake Lathe Labor Sales

Many automakers are putting more “meat” on rotors compared to just a decade ago. Also, OE ceramic brake formulations are minimizing rotor wear due to less aggressive formulations that transfer a layer of friction material to the rotor. This means that rotors are lasting longer and seeing two or more sets of pads.

Preparing New Brake Rotors For Installation

New rotors, either OE or aftermarket, are supposed to be finished to specifications and ready to install out of the box. There should be no reason to give them a “clean up” cut. If there is one, you need to find a different rotor supplier.

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Hunter Engineering Launches Completely Redesigned

The new site uses a fully responsive, widescreen design and features real shop photography of Hunter equipment used in actual facilities. The new site also emphasizes Hunter’s library of exciting video content, including promotional and operational videos.

On-The-Car Brake Lathe Precautions On ABS Vehicles

All anti-lock-brake systems (ABS) utilize speed sensor inputs. Some of these systems have very narrow tolerances in regard to wheel speed data. Speed sensor concerns include the air gap that can easily be altered during the course of brake maintenance. When using an on-the-car brake lathe, it is important to prevent metal shavings from contacting, and collecting on, the sensor.