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VIDEO: Why Replace Both Calipers When Just One Goes Bad?

Andrew Markel stresses the importance of replacing both calipers generally when one unit goes bad. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Brake Caliper Seals And Lubricants

Andrew Markel takes a look inside a brake caliper including how its seals and lubricants keep the unit braking safely. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: How Brake Calipers Equalize Brake Pressure

Andrew Markel discusses brake calipers and how the guides and slides equalize pressure during brake operation. Sponsored by MEYLE.

MGP Caliper Covers Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In its first year, MGP sold just 200 units. A decade later, more than 250,000 vehicles have been fitted with the company’s caliper covers.

VIDEO: Brake Drag And Fuel Economy

Andrew Markel discusses brake hardware, and how these tiny replacement parts can increase fuel economy by reducing brake drag. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

ACDelco Expands Into Fast-Growing TPMS And New Brake Caliper Aftermarket

ACDelco recently announced it is expanding its aftermarket offerings to give shop owners more choice in two high-growth areas: Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and new – not rebuilt or remanufactured – brake calipers that will be sold with no core charge.

Raybestos Increases Opti-Cal Caliper Coverage

Raybestos has recently added more than 100 new part numbers to its line of premium-quality Opti-Cal brake calipers.

2009-2015 Toyota Venza Brake Job

The key to servicing the brakes on the Venza is to pay attention to the details like the lubricants and rotor dimensions. Also, you must realize that parts like the brake hardware and soft components like the guide pin boots have a limited lifespan.

toyota venza featured
Aluminum Caliper Service

If the engineers of a vehicle decided to use aluminum for the body of the calipers, they were probably more focused on performance than they were on the cost to manufacture. Aluminum calipers enhance the performance of a vehicle by reducing what they call un-sprung weight, which helps acceleration and handling.

aluminum caplier service
Raybestos Introduces Opti-Cal New Brake Calipers

Raybestos Opti-Cal calipers are manufactured with a new caliper body, brackets and components, including pistons, lubricated guide pins and pad mounting hardware.

UCX Calipers Adds 142 New SKUs

The new part numbers were added to the company’s Friction Ready, Loaded and Black Medallion Caliper product lines.

Raybestos Adds 428 New Part Numbers To Line Of Brake Components

The addition includes brake hoses, brake rotors, brake calipers and accessories, brake cables, clutch hoses and brake pad sets.