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Brake Job: 2011-2015 Chevy Volt

Everything you need to know to complete your next Chevy Volt brake job is right here.

Test, Bleed And Flush: How Can You Protect Your Customer’s Brake System?

Brake fluid replacement is more critical than ever before. Since 2008, almost every vehicle has come with some form of ABS and a hydraulic control module mounted under the hood or on a frame rail. Since 2012, every light vehicle sold has been equipped with stability control that has added valves and complexity to the hydraulic control unit. The hydraulic control unit needs fresh brake fluid to operate and protect valves and passages from corrosion. An additive package helps control the pH, cavitation and viscosity.

Volkswagen Jetta A5/MK5 Brake Job

The A5, or MK5, Jetta is one of the most common Volkswagens on the road. The brake system does not differ greatly from the previous platform, but it does have a few quirks.

vw jetta a5 mk5 brake featured
VIDEO: Brake Bleeding Pressures On Ford Vehicles

Andrew Markel explains how some hardware changes in the brake systems on Ford vehicles made higher brake bleeding pressures necessary. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Actron Introduces Brake Bleed Kit

Actron offers its CP7840 Brake Bleed Kit for North America. The tool is designed to assist in completing various brake jobs that require a full system bleed, such as replacing a brake caliper, wheel cylinder, brake hose or line, or master cylinder.