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Mitch Schneider: Emotional Battery

For most of us, it has been a tough year. And, even if you are one of the “lucky” shop owners who have seen a rise in their year-end numbers – “lucky” as in where “opportunity” meets “preparation,” and all the skill, hard work, insight, discipline and determination that goes along with that kind of luck – it hasn’t been an easy year for the majority of your clients regardless of where you are.

Tech Feature: Handling Hybrid Service

Right now, the service opportunities lie mainly in the future as hybrids move out of warranty and into the independent service bays. However, it’s entirely realistic to expect hybrids to become a growing part of the automotive service market.

Remy International, Inc. Supplying HVH Electric Motors to Daimler for 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid

Remy International, Inc. recently announced it is supplying Daimler with the Remy HVH electric motor used in the 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid recently released to the United States market.

Duracell Automotive Batteries to Power 2010 Numerals at Times Square

For the second consecutive year, Duracell automotive batteries, made by East Penn, are powering a special project at Times Square, New York City. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, 40 of these batteries will provide extreme power to the hundreds of light bulbs that illuminate the 2010 numerals.

Advance Auto Parts Offers Car Battery Care Tips

Car batteries can go bad as a result of undercharging, overcharging, or from corrosion due to the vapor that is produced while the battery is charging during driving.

Tech Feature: Breezing Through Ignition Off Draw Tests

One of the biggest differences in servicing the Sebring convertible from other Chrysler models was its battery location – behind the driver’s side wheel well.

Tech Tip: Volkswagen Diagnosis for Excessive Static Current Draw

On any VW model, one or more of the following symptoms may be possible: Discharged battery; Engine does not start because of low battery voltage; Voltage display in the combination instrument displays too low; or “Low battery” fault codes in various control modules.