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Tech Tip: BMW Intermittent No-Start Problem With A Dead Battery

Some 2006 BMW vehicle owners may complain that their BMW has an intermittent no-start problem and the battery has gone dead. This may be the result of an incorrect battery or the comfort access module.

ODYSSEY Battery By EnerSys Congratulates Brian Deegan For His 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series PRO LITE Championship

ODYSSEY Battery by EnerSys congratulates sponsored driver Brian Deegan on his fifth Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Short Course championship this past weekend at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Elsinore, Calif. Deegan entered the final round of the LOORRS PRO LITE series leading the championship point standings by 50 points, and finished by bringing home the 2013 PRO LITE championship, the third PRO LITE title of his career. In addition to winning the PRO LITE championship, Deegan finished second in the 2013 LOORRS PRO 2 point standings.

Hytec Automotive Launches New Electrical Component Line

The Hytec Automotive Group has announced the launch of a new line of electrical component parts for the automotive aftermarket. According to Hytec, the new Electrical Shield Technologies (EST) product line includes TS-16949-certified fuel pumps and ignition coils, joining an extensive line of TS-16949-certified aftermarket products from Hytec, including heavy-duty batteries, water pumps, shock absorbers, hub bearings, fan belts and fan clutches.

Diagnostic Solutions: Nissan Pathfinder Wouldn’t Crank

Recently, an old customer called to tell me his 1988 Nissan Pathfinder “fishing wagon” wouldn’t crank. The Pathfinder’s battery was less than one year old and passed a preliminary conductance test with flying colors. The Pathfinder’s starter activation system is typical for many import vehicles of this vintage. In the manual transmission version, the ignition switch supplies power to the clutch switch relay windings when in the crank position.

ODYSSEY Battery By EnerSys Awards Facebook Photo Contest Winner For Capturing The ‘Top Moment Of Summer’

ODYSSEY battery by EnerSys has discovered the “Top Moment of Summer” through its Facebook photo sharing contest, naming Amanda Kasper of Clear Lake, Iowa, the winner. Kasper’s photo submission received the most votes and was awarded the best moment of summer per contest rules.

Special Discounted Rate On ODYSSEY Battery Orders Placed At The SEMA Show

EnerSys has announced that it will be offering a 10 percent discount for any ODYSSEY battery orders placed at the 2013 SEMA Show (Nov. 5 – Nov. 8, 2013). The discount includes freight and is valid only for orders placed via the online store kiosk at ODYSSEY Battery booth no. 24863 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Solving Starter And Alternator Problems

The starter “solenoid” is actually a combination of an electric relay and solenoid. The relay portion electrically connects the starter armature to the battery. The solenoid portion mechanically engages the starter’s drive pinion with the engine’s flywheel gear.

ODYSSEY Battery By EnerSys Announces The ‘Top Moment Of Summer’ Facebook Photo Contest

ODYSSEY battery by EnerSys has announced a Facebook contest to discover the ‘Top Moment of Summer.’ The contest is open to ODYSSEY Battery Facebook page followers, now until September 30, 2013. The winner will receive two tickets to an upcoming Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS), a Global Rallycross (GRC), NHRA or NASCAR Racing event of his/her choice. The grand prize package also includes a $250 Visa Gift Card and autographed ODYSSEY battery sponsor memorabilia.

EnerSys Expands ODYSSEY Performance Series Battery Product Line

EnerSys has announced the addition of three ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries, available for purchase this fall. The ODYSSEY Performance Series 34-790 and 78-790 batteries will launch in October and the ODYSSEY Performance Series 65-760 battery in November of this year. The new battery models are designed specifically for consumer passenger and commercial vans, custom and classic cars, SUVs and diesel trucks.

Interstate Batteries Again Named U.S. Automotive Technicians’ Preferred Brand

For the sixth consecutive year, United States automotive technicians voted Interstate Batteries the brand to beat, outperforming its competitors in brand preferences and future intentions. In an annual survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan, Interstate dominated the automotive battery category with one out of every two U.S. automotive technicians choosing Interstate Batteries as their preferred brand.

Summer Heat Means Time To Check Auto Battery

Have you noticed the temperatures already starting to creep up the thermometer? Summer heat causes more stress on a car battery than cold winter temperatures.

Pulling Codes – A Hybrid Story: The Story Of P1A10

This article documents the code P1A10-Hybrid Powertrain Control Module-Battery Disabled found on a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 2.3L. Code P1A10 involves a possible interlock problem with the system. Our subject vehicle was a former police vehicle purchased at an auction – for $1! – in very poor condition. It does not run or power up, and both cluster displays are blank.