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Autel US Offers Battery/Electrical System Diagnostics Tool

All of Autel’s new tools use Adaptive Conductance, an advanced battery analysis method that produces a more accurate examination of the battery.

Schumacher Introduces DSR139, DSR140 Proseries Chargers

Both chargers feature manual timers that let you stay in control.

Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Basic maintenance is the key to keeping a car running at its best. When motorists keep up with fluid changes, tire checks, filter changes and other services, it helps avoid bigger and more expensive repairs down the road. However, over time, some vehicle parts and components wear out or become damaged. When motorists are educated about their vehicles’ maintenance needs, it allows them to address any issues before they become even bigger problems.

VIDEO: Steering Angle Sensor Recalibration

ASE certified technician Andrew Markel discusses the importance of recalibrating the steering angle sensor after disconnecting the battery in a vehicle. Sponsored by Standard.

Three AGM, Gel Cell Battery Myths

Chances are if the battery is not under the hood, it is an absorbent glass mat (AGM) or gel cell battery. These batteries pack a lot of power for their size and weight, which allows manufacturers to shave off a few pounds from the vehicle. That’s a big ­reason why they are being found more and more on late-model vehicles. Here are three AGM/gel cell myths.

Measuring Maintenance Service Against The Competition

How well are you capturing the necessary maintenance work on each vehicle that arrives at your shop each day? Each week? Maybe you are quick to point out a dirty air filter, but gloss over those worn out wiper blades. It pays to keep track of each maintenance task for each vehicle you work on and notice trends over time. But even then, how many maintenance tasks should you expect to see each day? And, maybe more

ODYSSEY Battery By EnerSys Launches Website Optimized For A Range Of Devices

ODYSSEY battery by EnerSys recently launched a redesign of its website incorporating responsive Web design to optimize the user experience for a range of devices. The new technology adapts all of the website content – menus, text, images and more – for the size of the device being used. The new site was designed to be easy to read and navigate using a computer, tablet or smartphone browser.

Optima Batteries Expands Campaigns With Team Lucas Events For 2014

For the third year in a row, Optima Batteries based in Milwaukee, Wis., will partner with Team Lucas in a grassroots motorsports advertising/marketing and sponsorship program that encompasses the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Series, Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series and the Lucas Oil Modified Series.

GMC Sierra: No-Crank/No-Start Condition

Customer Concern: The battery was jump-started with the key on, which resulted in a no-crank, no-start condition. Theft deterrent module (TDM) DTC B3060 is present. The module will perform the

Routine Maintenance Schedules Help You Capture Unperformed Service Work

The cold snap that hit most of the country in early January was the onset of one of the coldest winters most states have seen in years. And since cold weather can have adverse effects on vehicle systems, you probably experienced an influx of customers whose vehicles were towed in with dead batteries, or ones that were flooded due to ignition systems that could not fire the fuel. Let’s look at some VW and Audi maintenance schedules and see what we may have been missing that could help our customers avoid costly tows and generate some additional revenue for our efforts.

ACDelco Introduces Auxiliary Battery For Malibu Start-Stop Models

ACDelco is introducing the AUX 12 Absorbed Glass Mat battery for the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, which is now on sale. Malibus equipped with the 2.5L engine include standard start-stop technology. The engine automatically restarts when the driver takes his or her foot off the brake. During engine restarts, the AUX 12 battery powers accessories such as heating and air conditioning, power windows and radio.

Prepare Your Auto Battery For Winter

Cold weather affects batteries more than any other engine component. This winter, Interstate Batteries encourages motorists to protect and care for that part of the vehicle a driver depends on most every day.