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Wisconsin Lawmakers Consider Lead Weight Ban

The state of Wisconsin is considering a ban on all lead wheel weights. Assembly Bill 483, introduced on Jan. 24, would ban the sale and installation of all lead wheel weights. The bill is currently sitting in the state assembly’s transportation committee for consideration.

California Declares Steel Wheel Weights the Best Alternative to Lead

Adding to the mounting body of evidence that steel wheel weights are the best alternative to lead weights, the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Department of Toxic Substances Control has released the findings of its “wheel weight assessment,” declaring steel weights the “preferred alternative.”

Myers Industries Launches New Corporate Website and Facebook Page

Myers Industries has announced the launch of its new corporate website as well as its new Facebook page. Myers says the new site design features clean, concise, easy-to-navigate pages, with colorful photos to highlight products and businesses while painting a clear picture of the Myers Industries story

Making the Transition to Non-Lead Wheel Weights

The days of lead wheel weights are numbered. While the federal Environmental Protection Agency has been slow to act, a number of state governments – California, Illinois, Washington, Maine, Vermont and New York – have banned the use of lead wheel weights. In addition, similar legislation is pending in Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland and Rhode Is

Tech Feature: Nissan Undercar Noise and Vibration Repairs

When it comes to Nissan undercar work, Import Specialist Bob Dowie discusses the first challenge you face and that is selling the work. While he uses the word “selling,” what you are actually doing is making the customer aware of issues that need to be addressed to maintain the reliability and, more importantly, the safety of their vehicle.

Tech Tip: Vibration Harshness Above 45 MPH After Tire Balance

1997-2006 E-Series Ford Trucks equipped with 8-lug bolt, 16-inch single rear steel wheels may experience vibration at 45 MPH (72KM/H) or higher after the assembly has been balanced.

Tech Tip: Vibrations on Volvos While Driving

Wheel vibrations may occur if the wheel is not installed in the exact center position on the wheel hub. To avoid radial misalignment between the wheel and the hub, they must have the same diameters. It has been discovered on some cars that the wheel hubs (spare parts as well as production parts) may have a center cone with a “too small” outer diameter. If a wheel is installed on such a hub, it is possible that the wheel is installed with an offset of 1.5 mm (0.059″), which can cause wheel vibrations while driving.

Tech Feature: Modern Balancers Offer Advanced Features

Proper tire/wheel assembly balancing is important for vehicle safety. Balanced tires can mean the difference between a positive and negative driving experience. Especially in high-speed driving, improperly balanced tire/wheel assemblies can cause a vehicle to lose stability and operate in an unsafe – and uncomfortable – manner.

Myers Tire Supply Catalog Available in Print and on the Web

The new Myers Tire Supply full-line Catalog features more than 8,000 items for the automotive, heavy-duty fleet and retread and repair professionals.

Free Webinar on Wheel Weights Set for October 7

Perfect Equipment Inc. is hosting a special webinar exploring the future of lead wheel weights and the use of optional materials. Co-produced with Tire Review, the Oct. 7 webinar is titled “Making the Transition to Non-Lead Wheel Weights,” and will be moderated by Tire Review editor Jim Smith.

McCourt Introduces New Line of Tire Balancers and Changers

The line is being marketed under the Wheel Products name. Included in its initial offering will be passenger-vehicle tire changers and balancers.

Tire Changer Q & A

Tire Changer Q & A We talk to Pete Liebetreu of Hunter Engineering on Tire Changers This month we talk to Pete Liebetreu, tire changer product manager of Hunter Engineering, on the future of the market and how shops can get the most out of this vital piece of equipment for most undercar shops. BRAKE