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The following is an example of a dishonest vehicle and how to go about catching it in its lie.

Transmission Valve Body Replacement

Learning how to perform drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs is important.

ASE PREP: A2 Automatic Transmission Tips

Chances are you will not be rebuilding a transmission, but rather you will be listening to your customer’s complaint and diagnosing it. Knowing where to start is the most challenging part of the job. The main focus of ASE’s A2 test is the electromechanical part of the transmission. The basic concept to remember is that if the electromechanical part of the transmission not correctly controlling the mechanical components of the transmission, a mechanical failure will happen.

VIDEO: Transmission Contamination From The Inside

Contaminants cannot enter a transmission because it is sealed, but the breakdown of fluid can cause heat and friction issues. Andrew Markel explains the importance of replacing transmission fluid. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: How Do Transmission Speed Sensors Work?

Andrew Markel shows the importance of the transmission speed sensor, and how it can reveal information such as if an automatic transmission is slipping. Sponsored by Standard.

Solving Automatic Transmission Electronic Control Problems

Troubleshooting an automatic transmission can be one of the most intimidating diagnostic procedures at a shop. The first reaction is typically, “We don’t do that type of work,” but there is profit in performing drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs.

Driveshaft Diagnostics and Service

Driveshaft problems can be spotted from the moment you put the vehicle in gear to pull it into a bay. As the power is transmitted from the transmission to the rear axle, the slack from worn or damaged components is taken up, resulting in a sudden crunch or pop.

Volkswagen: Automatic Transmission Fluid Requirements

In response to multiple dealership inquires about aftermarket universal (one fluid fits all) automatic transmission fluids and transmission flushing, Volkswagen Group of America, Volkswagen Canada have prepared a statement.

Ford Fiesta Tech Tip: Automatic Transmission Grinding Or Rattling

Some 2011 Fiesta vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission and built on or before 1/13/2011 may exhibit a grind/rattle noise from the transaxle in 2nd and 4th gears. In some vehicles, the noise may also occur in reverse, in addition to 2nd and 4th gears. Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.

Dodge Stratus: Automatic Transmission Fluid Usage ATF+4

ATF+4 is being used as factory fill for Chrysler Group automatic transmissions. Mopar ATF+4 has exceptional durability. However, the red dye used in ATF+4 is not permanent; as the fluid ages, it may become darker or appear brown in color. ATF+4 also has a unique odor that may change with age. With ATF+4 fluid, color and odor are no longer indicators of fluid condition and do not necessarily support a fluid change.

Automotive Automatic Transmission Filter O-Rings And Lip Seals

Many transmission filters require a seal at the point where they assemble into the transmission. Most of these seals are called “lip seals,” although some filters may use an O-ring. Before filter installation, it is important to make sure that there is no O-ring or lip seal in the case or pump bore left over from the old filter.

Perform Transmission Fluid Service By ‘Severe Duty’ Change Interval

Improved lubricants have allowed service intervals to extend for many vehicles with automatic transmissions, utilizing “lifetime fluids.” Lifetime fluid recommendations are now 5-10 years or the life of the vehicle (100,000 miles) unless the vehicle is subjected to “severe duty.”