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Audi MLB Alignment

The alignment of these vehicles can be straightforward mechanically

Audi Driver Assistance System Front-facing Camera Calibration

Joe Keene discusses how to calibrate the front camera on an Audi Q3 after the windshield was replaced.

Diagnosing Audi A8 TPMS Issues

These are all the steps you’ll need to pinpoint fault issues in TPMS for 2009-2016 Audi A8 vehicles.

NRS Brakes Re-Engineers Galvanized Brake Pads For Audi e-tron

The new addition expands its growing line of high-performance pads for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Arnott Introduces Remanufactured Front OE Air Struts For 2012-’18 Audi A6/A7 And 2013-’19 Audi S6/S7

The OE strut is inspected, disassembled, steam cleaned and media blasted to further clean exterior metal components. Arnott remanufactures the OE strut with new high-quality tier 1 components including a multi-ply rubber air bladder from ContiTech, heavy-duty crimping rings, oil resistant O-rings, new air line fitting and a dust boot to protect the air sleeve and is repainted with corrosion inhibiting paint to provide a high quality finish, said the company.

Audi Tech Tip: All-Wheel-Drive Coupling Is Stuck On Or Doesn’t Engage, And No Faults Are Stored

Customer may report that the vehicle is binding when cornering with full steering wheel turn; the four-wheel drive does not work; when driving slowly and turning the steering wheel strongly, the vehicle shudders; or the front wheels break traction with aggressive acceleration from a stop.

Audi TPMS Diagnostics

Audi Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are some of the easiest to reset and relearn. The automaker has used both indirect and direct systems during the past decade. Both systems use the same relearn procedure that involves accessing the TPMS settings through the driver information center or infotainment system. The only difference between direct and indirect systems is the last step that may involve driving continuously for 10 minutes or allowing the vehicle to sit for either 10 or 20 minutes.

AUDI TT And A3: EPC Light On And AWD Does Not Work

On the models listed, the all-wheel-drive does not work or the EPC warning light is illuminated. The technician will find there is an internal leak in the hydraulic pump.

Composite And Floating Rotors: Going Big And Going Light

When you hear the words “floating rotor,” you might think of a racecar brake rotor with Allen head bolts holding the hat to the outer ring. But, more economical and robust “semi-floating” rotors have made it onto Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz daily drivers.

mercedes benz brake job featured
TPMS Updates: From Reflashes to Refills

Tire pressure monitoring system technology isn’t “new” in the sense that some form of TPMS has been around since the mid 2000s, but these systems are still evolving as manufacturers update their functionality and work out kinks discovered over time. Here are some of the most recent technical service bulletins issued by OEs concerning TPMS

TPMS service bulletins
Arnott Releases Installation Videos For Audi Allroad Quattro

Arnott has released a series of installation videos showing how to install Arnott’s line of replacement air suspension products for the 2000-2006 Audi Allroad Quattro. The videos show ASE-certified professionals how to replace the front and rear air springs with Arnott’s Generation-II Rear Air Springs and the Audi original equipment shocks with Arnott’s Bilstein Sport Shock Kit.