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BendPak Introduces Patriot Series American-Made Air Compressors

Each unit features an energy-efficient motor and large reciprocating cylinder heads running at slower speeds.

Kaeser Announces New DC-HF Dessicant Dryers

The new DC-HF compact desiccant dryers are for low-flow applications with pressures from 58 to 218 psig.

Air Ride: 1997-2011 Crown Vic

All air ride-equipped Crown Vics have a switch in the trunk on the left to deactivate the air ride system.

Jenny Products Offers 60-Gallon Air Compressor

Jenny Products’ G5A-60V single-stage air compressor features a 60-gallon vertical air tank and an industrial-grade 5-horsepower motor.

JEGS Introduces 5 HP, 80 Gallon Air Compressor

JEGS Professional Air Compressors are high-horsepower units suited for tasks that require a sustained air flow, such as automotive work. These stationary air compressors have large, rugged air tanks and thermally-protected motors to allow for long periods of uninterrupted use and extra durability, said the company.

Weak Air Ride Compressor Diagnostics

Today’s air ride suspensions seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to alerting the driver of a problem. Unlike engine-related trouble codes, most air ride codes are cleared every key cycle or when the vehicle has been sitting for a specific period of time. Codes are not always a sign of a leak, as they can be set by components like the compressor, sensors or reservoir. These codes can appear to be intermittent, but once you understand how the system operates and the criteria for setting a compressor-related code, a diagnosis can be easy.