Specialty Products' Certified Wheel Alignment Installer Program
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SPC Offers Certified Wheel Alignment Installer Program

With SPC’s FREE online certification program, alignment techs can become an SPC Certified Installer. Developed by an ASE Master Certified technician, this program focuses on providing expertise in alignment aftermarket parts and installation procedures along with problem solving. To find out more, go to www.specprod.com/certifiedinstaller.


Online Course

The online course is comprised of a series of videos and quizzes designed to engage technicians while providing the latest information on alignment problem solving.

Driving Customers

After completing the course, the technician and their shop will be featured in SPC’s online Certified Installer section. Potential customers will be able to look up installers in their area and be linked to the shop’s website. SPC will also direct questions from its tech and customer service lines to the installer’s shop when customers ask “Who can install these parts properly in my area?”

Pride in Excellence

Technicians can get the word out that they are SPC Certified Installers. After completing the course, Specialty Products will provide the technician and shop with FREE display items, banners, certificates and window clings that promote this achievement to their customers.


This course will help instill confidence in the installer and lead to better customer satisfaction as well as drive new customers to the shop.

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