Sneak Peak: Inside A Monotube Shock

Sneak Peak: Inside A Monotube Shock (VIDEO)

Twin tube and Monotube are fundamentally different inside but look nearly identical on the outside. Sponsored by KYB.

CC: They look about the same, don’t they? These two shocks are for the same vehicle. Outside they look about the same, but the Excel-G is a twin tube design that restores original equipment performance, and the Gas-a-just is a monotube design that’s a performance upgrade option.

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover and that’s especially true for shocks. This monotube, is a performance upgrade option, has several unique design features. Like I said, you can’t see them from the outside so let’s have a look inside.

Monotubes have features that standard twin tubes don’t: First, instead of a second reservoir tube, there’s this Nitrogen gas-filled high-pressure chamber. This single piston includes both compression and rebound valves. It can respond to movement quicker, and it’s calibrated at slightly higher damping rates. As you can see, the Monotube only needs one cylinder and that’s of course where it gets its design name. But the best part is watching this combination in action.

I can’t move the piston as fast or aggressive as it would be actually while driving over bumps, or with a load, but I can show you how the monotube functions as a performance upgrade. It adds resistance on-demand, with any sudden or aggressive movement. See the second piston go down? The Nitrogen gas camber instantly builds pressure and pushes back. That’s where the upgrade handling and control come from, but just on demand, just when needed. You also won’t see any aeration or shock fade with heavy use because it’s a sealed air-free unit.

So, now you’ve seen the Monotube advantages: A single cylinder, aeration-free, high gas pressure shock with an extra boost for aggressive or extra load driving. A great choice for vehicles that tow, haul, have larger tires or if you just want to add more handling & control. Thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by KYB.

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