Smart Car Care App Reminds Customers Of Service Needs
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Smart Car Care App Reminds Customers Of Service Needs

The app provides peace-of-mind as a reference tool and for providing important maintenance reminders.


When it comes to automotive maintenance and service, an educated driver is a more valuable customer. A new smartphone app educates drivers about their cars’ maintenance needs to keep them up to date on recommended procedures for their vehicles.


“BluCare Auto 2.0 from Blue Eclipse is a smart car care app which knows what your car needs and when, and then delivers it to you. It’s like your own personal digital assistant,” explains Craig Tieman, Blue Eclipse CEO.

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The BluCare app is also intended to be a one-stop shop for all information related to a customer’s car, including: vehicle odometer, last parking location, digital owner’s manual, owner documents and car label data, records of all repair services, records of all driving expenses, weekly driving activity, thousands of how-to video tutorials specific to the individual car, pages to shop all major online car parts stores and search for highly-rated mechanics in the area.  

“With more than 280 million registered vehicles on the road in the US alone, most of these being privately owned or leased, there is a very large market for the BluCare Auto app,” says Tieman.  “Whether the owner is a first-time driver or car owner or a very experienced owner with lots of car knowledge, the app will provide peace-of-mind to all owners as a reference tool and for providing important reminders.”


In addition, the app can be used with a shop’s loaner car fleet, to automatically detect and log trips and miles driven, provide personal and business mileage categories, maintain a vehicle odometer for maintenance records, automatically save parking locations to always find where the vehicle is parked, provide quick entry features to store all repair, service and driving expenses and keep owner and vehicle information handy for when you or the customer aren’t near the vehicle.

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