Selling Services: Understanding the Importance of Bearing Grease

Selling Services: Understanding the Importance of Bearing Grease

n overheating and excess grease purging* (leaking). Overheating occurs because the heat generated cannot dissipate correctly, continually building until damage occurs.

  • When a bearing overheats and pushes out the grease, the sealing lip can be damaged and “blown out” in the reverse direction.

  • When the grease amount is low, a grease starvation condition may be created, causing heat generation or excessive wear during operation.

  • Grease is a precise combination of oil, thickener and additives. Grease acts like a sponge to retain and release the oil. As a result of time and temperature conditions, the oil release properties can become depleted. When this occurs, the grease is worn-out.

  • Colored and UV dyes can be added to a grease as assembly aids or to facilitate inspections. The original color of a grease has little to do with its performance.

  • Automotive wheel bearing grease contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives, offering superior protection in challenging environments.

  • A softened sealing lip surface is the sign of a compatibility problem with the grease and seal. The wrong grease can cause a rubber seal to swell and disintegrate.

  • The fresh grease is smooth and buttery compared to the water-laden grease, which is milky white in appearance. As little as one percent water in grease can have a significant impact on bearing life.

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