Seeking Success? You're Not Alone

Seeking Success? You’re Not Alone

Stress is one of the biggest hurdles to success, not to mention one of the most pervasive silent health risks we face daily.

Happy New Year! Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes it feels like someone is lying to us when they shout that traditional greeting in our direction.

The rush toward the end of December is always frantic so that, come January, we can start with a clean slate. I’ll be honest with you, when I went to bed on December 31, I didn’t wake up on January 1 with a wide open road ahead.

None of the potholes I had on my calendar had magically disappeared, giving me the freedom and insight to begin implementing the steps I’ve been told will make 2022 even better than 2021. No, if anything, the weight on my shoulders just felt another day heavier.

Do you have days like that? Experts say stress is one of the biggest hurdles to success, not to mention one of the most pervasive silent health risks we face on a daily basis. And, to be fair, there’s no shortage of stressful situations facing us on a business, social and emotional level these days.

“We talk about future-proofing our business, but what about future-proofing our spirits? ” – Frank Leutz

This time of year, there’s no shortage of  recommendations you can make to improve your physical, mental or financial state. And, there’s not doubt we’re all looking for the magic answer – but maybe the answer isn’t what you’re not doing – it’s what you’re not doing enough.

It’s easy to look at our lives or our businesses and focus on things we should probably stop doing. Especially at the beginning of a new year the temptation is often to focus on what we’re doing wrong and stop it, rather than what we’re doing right and improve it.

Your name is on the business – it’s your responsibility to make sure everything gets done right, on time, with no mistakes. Maybe you built your business from the ground up. Maybe you had responsibility thrust upon you by being a solid employee. Maybe you’re following a family tradition. Whatever the case, as an owner, you should have all the answers, right?

Of course not. 

The good news is, you’re not alone, both figuratively and literally. 

With all credit to Ed Whalen of Whalen’s Auto Repair and Tires, an Auto Value certified service center in Cape May Courthouse, NJ, (and last month’s ShopOwner cover profile) there’s no reason – or way – for you to know it all. 

Ed is part of local and national mentorship and leadership programs that are invaluable to his continued success, he says. Sharing his concerns and listening to others’ helps keep him grounded and, at the same time, free to try new approaches.

In a similar way, this month’s cover model, Frank Leutz from Desert Car Care in Chandler, AZ, says talk isn’t cheap – it’s priceless.

“We don’t have the answers to everything,” admits Frank. “We talk about future-proofing our business., but what about future-proofing our spirits? To be able to say no matter what has happened, if I can just be courageous to show up, show up for my people, show up for myself no matter what I’m dealing with, highs or lows, I can be a success.”

Don’t be overwhelmed with worry about looking at a daunting brand new year – simply step back and show up, and treat every day like the new day it is. That’s what counts.

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