S.O.S. Podcast - Choosing What You Need When Offered It All
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S.O.S. Podcast – Choosing What You Need When Offered It All


There’s nothing more exciting – or intimidating – than an all-you-can eat buffet. Everything you could possibly want is waiting for you. Choose wisely and you’ll enjoy the experience- choose poorly and it will ruin your (and everyone else’s) evening.

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Similarly, today’s Shop Management Systems seemingly offer an often overwhelming amount of features. What’s best for your business? How do you choose the system or features that you really need?

To help you fill your plate, Doug Kaufman, editor of Shop Owner and Vic Tarasik, owner of Shop Owner Coach, speak with Danielle Commandeur, Commandeur Mechanical, Claremont, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Cavan Robinson from ShopBoss about their experiences navigating the buffet.

In this podcast series, Shop Owner Solutions hosts discuss some of the nightmares shop owners face with leading shop owners from across the country. Shop Owner Solutions is intended to help you avoid the 3 am panic – together, Vic and Doug will explore the things that cause you the most stress, put your anxiety into high gear and keep you from feeling like you’re achieving the success you deserve.


This podcast is sponsored by Shopboss.

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