Rotary Lift Earns U.S. Patent For Y-Lift Vertical Rise Platform Lift

Rotary Lift Earns U.S. Patent For Y-Lift Vertical Rise Platform Lift

Rotary Lift's Y-Lift is a drive-on hinged lift that uses a patented design and Y-shaped legs to provide true up/down lifting.

rotary59Rotary Lift has received United States patent No. 9254990 B2, covering two major aspects of the design of its award-winning Y-Lift vertical rise platform lift. Rotary Lift says these design features maximize rise speed based on vehicle weight, ensure a smooth rise and descent and increase runway structural rigidity for more accurate measurements when performing alignments, especially on heavier vehicles.

Rotary Lift’s Y-Lift is a drive-on hinged lift that uses a patented design and Y-shaped legs to provide true up/down lifting. With no forward or rearward movement to reduce valuable bay space, it has a compact footprint to fit in smaller service bays, the company adds. The y-shaped legs eliminate the need for scissor mechanisms and corner posts common to other lifts, so technicians have at least 20 percent more room to work, as well as full vehicle access from side-to-side and front-to-rear, according to the company. It can be used for general service work (model Y12) and vehicle alignments (model YA12).

The first enhancement covered by the patent is a weight-sensing electro-hydraulic control system that enables the Y-Lift to raise vehicles up to 50 percent faster, while using the same amount of electrical power. The patent also covers increased structural rigidity provided by larger tension bars. These tension bars improve alignment measurement accuracy for heavier vehicles by providing a more rigid and level platform. The bars also minimize downtime by improving accessibility to the hydraulic cylinder for easier serviceability.

“We designed the Y-Lift to provide maximum bay productivity,” said Jason Matthews, one of the Rotary Lift engineers who developed the product. “Its fast rise and descent times mean technicians can start servicing vehicles sooner — and then move on to the next job faster — than they can with other lifts. Its superior rigidity ensures accurate four-wheel alignments on vehicles with wheelbases as short as 71.5 inches to as long as 158 inches – from microcars to large pickups. It’s a versatile, productive and efficient lift for a wide range of applications.”

Made in Madison, Indiana, the Y-Lift is ALI gold-label certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.

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