Quality, Inspected Used Tires Can Be Beneficial Option (VIDEO)

Quality, Inspected Used Tires Can Be Beneficial Option (VIDEO)

If you've ever bought a used car, chances are you've bought used tires. This video is sponsored by Champtires.

When only one tire needs to be replaced, your customers may worry that they’ll actually need to replace them all. There’s an option that can be beneficial to shops, customers and the environment.

In this video, Shilo Rae, Champtires’ Chief Marketing Officer, explains that quality, inspected used tires can be a great option. “90 percent of our inventory has more than 70 percent of its tread left,” explains Rae. “Our premium used tires undergo a rigorous multi-step inspection process – we ensure that they are quality products that will last the rest of the lifespan of the tire.”

Rae says the brand-name, inspected used tires are inventory managed in an indoor facility, and offer an economical alternative to brand new tires. In addition, the environmental benefit of not putting tires into a landfill when they still have useable life remaining can be dramatic. “When you install a used tire, you’re reusing a product,” says Rae. “You’re reducing your carbon footprint in a safe and effective way.”

Rae says that having a conversation with customers about their options should be the first step. Next, visit Champtires.com/dealer to learn more.

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