Quality-Built Brake Calipers Powered by MPA

Quality-Built Brake Calipers Powered by MPA

Sponsored by Motorcar Parts of America

Backed by over 50 years of legendary attention to quality, Quality-Built calipers deliver optimal stopping performance and reliability in any driving situation. Quality-Built caliper units feature OE style zinc plated finishes, all new EPDM rubber boots, and seals, and 100% new phenolic pistons. Each caliper is installation-ready with new bleeder screws, banjo bolts, and application-specific pad hardware where required. 100% end-of-line pressure testing and complete quality inspection ensure easy installation and worry-free operation right out of the box.

  • 99% Passenger Car and Light Duty Truck Coverage
  • Market intelligence, Product & Category Management Support
  • Technical Support and Product Training Programs
  • Roadside Assistance Program Included

The Smarter Choice
Quality-Built Brake Calipers restore OEM stopping performance and provide improved reliability and durability.

Installation-ready with everything in the box, including parking brake assemblies, pad abutment hardware, banjo bolts, and crush washers, where required.

Direct OE replacement parts engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications for performance and durability.

100% End-of-Line verification using proprietary, computer-controlled pressure testers ensures leak-free performance right out of the box.

MPA’s ASE-certified Part Smart technicians are ready to help get your customers back on the road with answers for any product, installation, or diagnostic questions.

OE style finishes
All cast iron calipers are zinc plated to provide superior protection from corrosion and rust.

Hardware Included
Application-specific hardware kits prevent noise and vibration while extending brake system service life.

All new phenolic pistons
100% new phenolic pistons ensure safe, reliable operation in high-heat, repeat stop conditions.

Installation Ready
Where required, all caliper units come complete with all levers, parking brake hardware, and cable guides installed.

Brackets Included
Application specific brackets prevent caliper binding and take the guesswork out of caliper replacement.

All New Dust Boots and Seals
EPDM rubber components are more resistant to deterioration caused by extreme temperatures.

100% Tested
Pressure testing checks every seal, bleeder, and line connection for leak-free operation.

Peace of Mind
Quality-Built Brake Calipers add value for your customers with complimentary roadside assistance coverage included with every caliper unit.

Manufactured Again
Quality-Built brake calipers are proud to carry the Manufactured Again Certification mark which indicates adherence to global quality and sustainability standards during the remanufacturing process. For more information visit www.mera.org

For more Quality-Built caliper information and exclusive access to the latest, training, technical, and product content use your smartphone to scan the code and connect with Motorcar Parts of America.

This article was sponsored by Motorcar Parts of America. For more information, visit http://qbcalipers.motorcarparts.com/.

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