Photo Tech: CV Axles A look inside a joint.

Photo Tech: CV Axles A look inside a joint.

wear in a rzeppa cv joint typically occurs on the cage, gear and cup. this wear is typically caused by a loss of lubrication due to a boot failure, or debris in the joint. once heat treated surfaces are damaged, they typically cannot be restored.  rzeppe cv joint can be found on the majority of vehicles on the road. a typical rzeppa joints allow 45°–48° of articulation.the materials used to make the boot are not just plastic or rubber. they designed to last millions of cycles in a wide range of axles should always get a new axle nut.grease is often packed by hand at the factory. if there is too much grease, the grease will be pushed out of the boot. if you are servicing a joint, use only the recommended amount or only what comes in the kit.tone rings are often pressed onto a cv joint. make sure the number of teeth match the old axle. Tone rings are often pressed onto a CV joint. Make sure the number of teeth match the old axle.

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