OE Brake System Competence Helps Continental Deliver the Best ATE PremiumOne Brake Pad and Rotor for Every Aftermarket Application

OE Brake System Competence Helps Continental Deliver the Best ATE PremiumOne Brake Pad and Rotor for Every Aftermarket Application

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket relies on its OE competence in brake systems to create the ideal replacement brake pad and rotor for each specific vehicle.

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, a leading aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered aftermarket products and an OE supplier of brake systems, relies on its OE competence in brake systems to create the ideal replacement brake pad and rotor for each specific vehicle. This requires an in depth understanding of the vehicle platform and the braking performance that is required by the vehicle manufacturer for each application. Throughout the development process for each brake and rotor specification, Continental engineers constantly validate, test and evaluate their designs against OE NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) performance criteria. With the ATE brake system approach, only one product line is required. Instead of offering the choice of good, better or best, ATE provides the ‘optimum’ brake system solution.

Engineering against noise – the leading cause of customer complaints
Brake noise is a leading reason for consumer comebacks. One of its primary causes is the build up of heat and gases. When Continental engineers developed the ATE PremiumOne brake system, implementing a solution to this problem was a major goal in the design of their products. ATE PremiumOne rotors feature a differentiated groove design that helps dissipate heat and gases to reduce noise. ATE PremiumOne pads are designed with high quality friction formulations that are vehicle application specific in order to meet or exceed OE performance specifications. The pad’s unique underlayer design helps to further reduce noise, vibration and harshness. Numerous dynamometer and vehicle tests were performed with these two key brake system components in order to ensure the ideal braking system solution.

Designing for performance – brake fade, stopping distance and pad life
For vehicle manufacturers, technicians and consumers alike, the true measurement for brake performance comes down to pad life, rotor run-out and DTV (disc thickness variation), brake fade, a reduction in NVH and stopping distance. Continental engineers developed the ATE PremiumOne brake system to deliver optimum performance in all of these metrics. The patented groove design in ATE rotors, which also provides a visual wear indicator of the rotor, is precisely machined at complimentary angles based on the specific vehicle application. Each rotor is manufactured to tighter tolerances and exceeds the minimum micron requirements by OE standards in order to reduce run-out and DTV.  When installed together, ATE PremiumOne rotors and pads ensure peak braking performance.

Maintaining an attractive appearance
Aesthetic appeal plays an important part in consumer acceptance and preference, especially with today’s open wheel designs. Every ATE PremiumOne rotor is treated with a MetaCote protective coating that not only helps prevent rust and corrosion, but also provides an attractive finish. The science behind the coating was based on OE requirements from the vehicle manufacturers.  The coating also protects the rotors during manufacturing and shipping, and significantly reduces service time because the technician does not have to degrease the part prior to installation.  

ATE is an aftermarket brand of Continental Corporation, one of the world’s leading brake system manufacturers and suppliers. From the introduction of the first hydraulic brake system in 1926 to the development of the first anti-lock braking system prototype in 1967, the ATE brand has a rich history of innovation and accomplishment. ATE offers a comprehensive line of premium brake system replacement parts, hydraulics and service products.

For more information, visit www.ate-na.com.

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