NRS Brakes Redesigns Mustang Mach E Brake Pads

NRS Brakes Redesigns Mustang Mach E Brake Pads

An aftermarket re-design and upgrade for the new Ford Mustang Mach-E has been introduced by NRS Brakes.

NRS Brakes has launched the aftermarket re-design and upgrade for the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, a fitment which adds to their EV brake pad line up. 

Mach-E Re-engineered upgrade by NRS Brakes includes: 

Galvanized for maximum protection against rust 

Mechanically Attached with Award winning NRS Technology for longest life 

Noise Cancelling Piston Inserts for Zero noise 

Greenest Brake Pads no lead, copper, paints or VOCs – the only pads on the market that can make that claim 

NRS EV galvanized brake pads are specifically engineered for hybrid and electric vehicles. The pads for the Mach-E feature are designed to eliminate the corrosive effects common to regen vehicle brake pads that result from reduced moisture dissipation. As a result, galvanized brake pads from NRS Brakes will outlast any traditional painted brake pads, making them the most affordable option based on total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle. 

With advanced noise cancelling piston cushions and shims, NRS galvanized brake pads also keeps the EVs running quiet. 

NRS pads have been recently recognized as one of the very best brake pads for 2021 by and 

To view a complete listing of NRS galvanized brake pads and vehicle compatibility, visit

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