Not All Diesel Particulate Filters Are The Same

Not All Diesel Particulate Filters Are The Same

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) can vary greatly. Sponsored by AP Emissions.


Not all diesel particulate filters are the same. Benefits the customer can expect with Durafit DPFs. As demand for cleaner emissions increase, the designers of diesel after treatment systems continue to focus on ways to improve the performance of these systems to remove more particulate matter, improve the overall efficiency of the filtration installed on the vehicle. Improvements targeted include enhancement of the coating of the substrate to improve chemical reactions to clean more effectively.

Another way performance can improve is in the design of the substrate to capture more soot and ash during normal operation. Some applications have shifted to a design that features larger inlet cells and smaller outlet cells to provide greater soot collection, which in turn will allow the unit to operate longer between regions and cleaning. Applications where this makes sense are severe duty, low RPM, frequent stop and go applications. These enhanced designed units provide superior soot and ash collection, more consistent back pressure, and an improved efficiency filtration.

The traditional DPF is manufactured using asymmetrical cell substrate design. The enhanced asymmetric design substrate offers a far greater capacity for ash and soot loading, better pressure drop performance, keeping the unit running longer between regions or cleanings.

Durafit relies heavily on the OE design to match the operating capability of the unit when installed on a vehicle. What does that mean, utilizing an asymmetric substrate when the original application uses it? In many cases, aftermarket manufacturers are using a symmetrical substrate in these applications as a cost cutting measure. These units can be expected to have a shorter lifespan on the vehicle, will need to be regenerated, cleaned, and removed more frequently than a unit that uses an asymmetrical substrate.

Your vehicle will operate best when you use Durafit replacement DPFs that are designed to work like the OE. Tried, tested, proven. Durafit. Building DPFs above standards. Thanks for watching. For more information, visit our website at

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