No Movement on Saturn, Possible DTCs Set

No Movement on Saturn, Possible DTCs Set

Some customers may comment on the vehicle not moving in the "D" (Drive) or "R" (Reverse) gear selection positions. In many cases, the transaxle will also produce an audible grind or whine noise when attempting to operate the vehicle in drive or reverse.

The Service Engine Soon (SES) telltale may be illuminated with DTCs P0841, P1758 or P1882 recorded. In many cases, the condition is intermittent and is not easily duplicated.

Models affected: 2003-’04 Saturn ION vehicles with VT25E (Vti) transaxle (RPO M75); 2002 Saturn VUE retrofitted with 2003 or 2004 VT25E (Vti) transaxle (RPO M16/M75); and 2003-’05 Saturn VUE vehicles with VT25E (Vti) transaxle (RPO M16/M75)

The condition may be caused by an internal fluid leak allowing excessive belt slip at the sheaves or forward clutch due to low pressure. As a result of low internal transaxle pressure, the torque converter and turbine shaft seals can overheat due to low converter feed pressure.

Replace the VT25E transaxle case cover, torque converter and oil cooler lines, if necessary.

Service Procedure:

1. Drain the transmission fluid.

2. Remove the VT25E transaxle assembly.

3. Replace the transaxle case cover assembly.

4. Replace the torque converter.

5. Flush the transaxle oil cooler.

Important: Vehicles produced or equipped with prior design transaxle oil cooler lines containing the bypass valve will need to be replaced with the newer design transaxle oil cooler lines, P/N 22724408. Vehicles produced or equipped with the newer design transaxle oil cooler lines, P/N 22724408, do not have the oil bypass valve as part of the assembly and will not require replacement. The newer design oil cooler lines can be flushed at the same time as the oil cooler and re-used after proper cleaning.

6. Replace the oil cooler lines.

7. Install the VT25E transaxle assembly.

8. Fill the transmission fluid.

Courtesy of Mitchell 1.


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