News from the Tool Shows: Cornwell Quality Tools 2012 Rally
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News from the Tool Shows: Cornwell Quality Tools 2012 Rally



Cornwell Quality Tools hosted 316 dealers and their guests its 2012 Rally at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, March 12-13.

The tool show featured 147 suppliers and spotlighted Cornwell’s toolboxes.

At the annual awards dinner, President Bill Nobley kindly recognized the company’s customer service representatives and his staff, including those who coordinated the rally. He also acknowledged that the toolbox promotion was a huge success, making the 2012 Rally a record event.

One of the highlights of the evening was Cornwell’s second annual “Ironman Network News” — a “news show” featuring interviews with four dealers who have been in business less than two years. Their commentary was both informative and entertaining. The news show even featured commercials that mimic real commercials currently on TV.


One of the dealers discussed the importance of selling beef jerky on his truck, although he had to admit he wasn’t making any money from it because every time he sells one, he comes back and eats one!

All four dealers were in agreement that the most important attribute a dealer has is customer service, and with the right kind of service even the most difficult customer will eventually buy.

Nobley also recognized retiring dealer Stan Cornforth, who is a 20-year Cornwell Tools veteran.


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