New Raybestos Brand Brake Parts Released for Acura and Volvo

New Raybestos Brand Brake Parts Released for Acura and Volvo

Affinia Group has announced that brake pads, calipers and rotors have been added to the Raybestos brakes catalog for 2013 Acura and Volvo models.

Affinia Group has announced that brake pads, calipers and rotors have been added to the Raybestos brakes catalog for the following 2013 import models:

2013 Volvo XC90

• P/N PGD979M (316mm Rotors), Front Brake Pads

• P/N PGD1412C (328mm Rotors), Front Brake Pads

• P/N PGD1003M (336mm Rotors), Front Brake Pads

• P/N PGD980M, Rear Brake Pads


2013 Acura ILX

• P/N PGD537C, Rear Brake Pads

• P/N 96706R, Rear Brake Rotor

• P/N FRC/RC11840, Calipers (Left Rear)

• P/N FRC/RC11839, Calipers (Right Rear)


Raybestos Professional Grade Ceramic brake pads use ceramic friction material that matches or improves on the OE ceramic formulation to provide maximum stopping power and safety, according to Affinia. These pads achieve strong and silent braking with low dusting, improved pedal feel and enhanced responsiveness, the company says.

According to Affinia, Raybestos Professional Grade OE-Matched brake pads are engineered to restore factory performance and use semi-metallic applications that match or improve upon OE. The premium attached shims and application-specific slots and chamfers ensure a smooth, quiet ride, the company says.

Raybestos Professional Grade rotors include many problem-solver applications and provide the highest level of dependability, safety and performance, says Affinia. The OE-based designs provide the most complete application-specific line on the market.

According to Affinia, Raybestos Professional Grade calipers deliver smooth operation and leak-free performance. They follow OE specifications and arrive with new bleeder screws, copper sealing washers and hardware. Critical areas are also pre-lubricated with high-temperature synthetic lubricant.

For more information on Raybestos brand brake parts, visit or call 800-323-0354.

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