New Oil Filters From Group 7 by Purolator Make Technicians' Jobs Easier

New Oil Filters From Group 7 by Purolator Make Technicians’ Jobs Easier

Purolator's new line oil filters from Group 7 makes the claim it can really make a technician's life easier. The new line is being distributed first to auto repair shops through traditional WDs and jobbers in the U.S. and Mexico.

The company claims the genius of these new oil filter design lies in the innovative media design, materials and construction, which allow substantial increases in oil filter performance, all in filters that are noticeably smaller than the filters they replace. In fact, these new oil filters offer measurable and demonstrable improvements in efficiency and capacity–an average 12 percent improvement in a filter that’s much smaller than previous designs.

Technicians know that the original equipment (OE) trend has been toward smaller oil filters and other components, in the quest for lighter vehicles and the resulting improvements in fuel economy. But in the process, both newer and older model vehicles often provide only limited access to the oil filter, complicating removal and installation, and therefore cutting into technician productivity.

With these redesigned oil filters from Group 7 by Purolator, access is improved with most filters having a diameter of the standard 3.00 inches, which technicians have come to know from many popular import applications. In addition, many of these filters are 0.50 inches shorter than the filters they replace, for domestic as well as for import applications.

Technicians using strap-type oil filter wrenches will appreciate the added “swing room” offered by these filters, while being able to continue using an existing wrench from their tool box. And those who prefer to use a cup-type oil filter wrench with a ratchet and (usually) an extension – either 3/8” drive or ½” drive – will appreciate the fact that their current selection of three or four cups will fit virtually every spin-on oil filter in the Group 7 by Purolator lineup.

Regardless of the type of oil filter being used, technicians should appreciate the extra access afforded by these new filters, since oil filter removal and installation around often-hot exhaust manifolds and pipes, as well as other too-hot-to-touch engine compartment parts can burn hands and forearms. And most technicians have the scars to prove it. The smaller size of these filters will help prevent injuries as well as “down time” often allocated to allow engines to cool enough to allow safe oil filter removal and installation.

“These new oil filters in our Group 7 by Purolator line offer three distinct benefits,” said Chuck Kerrigan, Director, Product Management for Purolator. “They filter better than the filters they replace, on an average of 12 percent, providing better performance and value for the motorist and his vehicle. And, as noted, they help make service technicians safer, happier, and more productive.”

“But,” said Kerrigan, “they also contribute to bottom-line profits. You see, the smaller size of these filters allows selected part numbers to replace both larger and filter configurations that share a common thread size and gasket location. As a result, these part numbers fit multiple applications, reducing the inventory (and inventory cost) needed for comparable coverage. So it is more likely that a needed filter will be in stock, avoiding possible lost sales.”

“Group7 by Purolator filters represent a win-win situation for everyone,” said Kerrigan. “The motorist gets a better filter, the technician’s job is easier and more efficient, and the shop owner enjoys more sales with fewer parts on the shelf. We’re pleased to be the first in the industry to offer this line, and we’re pleased to offer it first to professional installers.”

Purolator is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s (AASA) Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers to preserve the industry’s good reputation. For more information, visit:

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