New John Bean B400L High Performance Wheel Balancer Ideal For High Volume Shops

New John Bean B400L High Performance Wheel Balancer Ideal For High Volume Shops

John Bean TireFeaturing short balancing cycles, fast data entry and innovative functions like easyWEIGHT and SMART SONAR, the new John Bean B400L High Performance Wheel Balancer is the perfect solution for shops that conduct multiple wheel balances during the course of a week.

“The B400L is easy to use and designed specifically to satisfy high-throughput customers,” said Brian Gates, product manager for Snap-on Equipment. “The easyWEIGHT function uses a laser pointer, providing fast, accurate and easy positioning of adhesive weights on the wheel. By indicating weight location on the bottom of the rim, the operator can ergonomically place weights on quickly and accurately without error. SMART SONAR avoids manual operations to detect rim width, reducing the possibility of human errors and saving time in the floor-to-floor wheel cycle. The variety of new features on the B400L will reduce overall balancing time and allow shops to perform more jobs faster, efficiently and accurately.”

Other innovative features of the B400L include the patented Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI) technique which ensures the most accurate balancing results, while being insensitive to ambient conditions. In addition, the QuickBAL feature makes sure that only the number of revolutions actually required to get an accurate imbalance measurement is performed. The result is a measurement time reduced by 30 percent while high accuracy is nonetheless maintained.

The B400L has a user-friendly interface where all functions are clearly marked with picture icons and large digits for the amount of the balance weight and bright indicators for weight position. The extremely short 4.5-second balancing cycle of the new John Bean B400L High Performance Wheel Balancer, coupled with the easy data entry via the automatic rim width acquisition from SMART SONAR and the rim diameter and offset measurements from 2D-SAPE, makes the B400L a must have for shops that perform a multitude of wheel balancing jobs.

The easyALU function, which reduces the set-up time of the wheel set, is another unique feature of the new John Bean B400L. In addition, with the Split Weight Mode on the B400L, shops can offer an additional service to customers by hiding adhesive weights behind two spokes so they cannot be seen from the outside.

The Imbalance Optimization Program on the John Bean B400L adjusts the rim and tire relative to each other on the basis of unbalance measurements. Through the Imbalance Minimization Program, the unbalance of the rim can be readjusted relative to the unbalance of the tire, so that the unbalances compensate for each other and the smallest possible weight for unbalance correction is determined.

Customers can find out more about the new John Bean B400L High Performance Wheel Balancer and other wheel service products by calling 877-482-4866 or visiting

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