New Equipment Distributor Launched

New Equipment Distributor Launched

Workshop Depot offers a wide range of service equipment, including lifts, wheel service equipment, jacks, tool storage, parts washers and more, said Dave Shedlock, president.

There’s something happening out west – a new company making a leap forward into their vision as a national, total garage equipment provider.

The name, Workshop Depot is a confirmation of our vision and attitude,” said President Dave Shedlock, an ex-nine-year veteran with Am-Pac Tire. “We’re on a mission to provide consumers and dealers a wider range of lifting products and quality shop tools and equipment. Listening to the needs of customers the last nine years, has helped us to shape our new company’s direction and focus!”

“Our name and logo is a significant step into the introduction of our products and services and I’m proud to see it materialize,” said Jim Caputa, general manager. “It’s a positive sign that has caught the attention of our customers and partners who understand our vision of being a single provider and premier supplier. While other companies are scrambling to source cheaper products, our goal is to provide better products that provide real value. And we feel strongly that cheap and value, are worlds apart when it comes to quality and safety.”

“It’s fresh, inviting and expresses our direction,” said Shedlock. “It captures our commitment to mature and grow as existing and new markets evolve. That’s why it’s the perfect symbol for our new vision. Like our new name and identity, once people catch a glimpse of who we are today and where we’re going, we’ll be impossible to ignore.”

The logo is a combination of styles with Workshop Depot displayed in a vibrant green that signifies growth, stability and environmental responsibility. The icon to the left of the logo symbolizes a rooftop that simply represents…All, under one roof.

Workshop Depot (, is a leading supplier of surface mounted vehicle lifts for automotive and commercial applications. Their shop equipment division broadens their product offerings to include wheel service equipment and a variety of specialty shop equipment including jacks, tool storage, parts washers and more. Workshop Depot is the only multi-faceted lift supplier in the United States that is aggressively transforming the business of automotive repair solutions.

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