Mr. Gasket Introduces New 'Dead Soft' Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets
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Mr. Gasket Introduces New ‘Dead Soft’ Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets


MrGasketMr. Gasket, a performance automotive parts and accessories manufacturer celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has announced the availability of its new “Dead Soft” Aluminum Exhaust and Collector Gaskets for a variety of Ford, Chevy, Mopar, Pontiac and AMC applications.


Mr. Gasket’s “Dead Soft” Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets are available for both exhaust manifolds and headers or the exhaust collectors. Each of the aluminum gaskets are engineered to provide superior sealing capability, high heat resistance and easy installation. Made from “dead soft” aluminum layers, they can compress to half their original thickness – from .125-inches to .060-inches – creating a tight, leak-proof seal that conforms to exhaust mounting surfaces with surface irregularities and warpage, the company says. In addition, Mr. Gasket’s “Dead Soft” Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets incorporate slotted bolt holes at the end of each gasket, allowing the gasket to be installed without removing the header flange or exhaust manifold from the cylinder head.


As a result of the tight seal these gaskets afford, Mr. Gasket’s “Dead Soft” Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets are guaranteed against shrinkage, blowout and deterioration for the lifetime of the engine. Each gasket set is precision-engineered with special tolerance mounting bolt holes that align the gasket for optimum placement on cylinder head exhaust ports and require no adjustment.

For additional information on Mr. Gasket’s “Dead Soft” Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets or for the full line of products the company manufactures, visit

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