Mercedes Tech Tip: Leaks at Internal Steering Lines or Steering Gear Housing

Mercedes Tech Tip: Leaks at Internal Steering Lines or Steering Gear Housing

If you experience leakage at the steering line connection in the above model vehicles, replacement of the entire rack and pinion system is not required. You may now replace the O-rings, which are available as separate parts for repairs of the affected steering line.

Affected models:
Model 203.040/061/064/065/081/084/261/264/ 281/284/740/764
Model 209.365/375/376/465/475/476
Model 211.065/070/076/082/083/265/282/283

In cases of leakage from the internal steering lines between the control head and the steering gear housing, proceed as follows. figure 1

1. Remove the steering gear from the vehicle as ­described in the following documents.
203 4-Matic:
All other 203/209 variants:
211 4-Matic:
All other 211 variants:
AR46.20-P-0600T Figure 2

2. Mount the steering gear to the steering gear housing support (Fig. 1 for 203/209 and Fig. 2 for 211). Before starting the repair, clean any loose contamination from the steering gear and maintain cleanliness throughout the repair process.

3. Unscrew the internal line from the control head and the steering gear housing. Refer to WIS document BA46.20-P-1010-01F.

4. Seal the internal lines from the control head to the steering gear housing with the repair kit O-rings. All seals must be replaced.    

5. Reinstall the steering gear as described in the documents listed under step 1 above.

Courtesy of Identifix, Inc.

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