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Knipex Pipe Cutters For Multilayer And Pneumatic Hoses

These feature universal support for right-angled positioning, easy on the hands and include automatic opening.


Knipex offers its Pipe Cutters for Multilayer and Pneumatic Hoses (P/N 90 10 1850, which are ideal for all liquid, multilayer and pneumatic hoses/pipes commonly available on the market in the application range from 4 to 20 mm.

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These pipe cutters feature universal support for right-angled positioning, they are easy on the hands even in continuous use thanks to the low force required and automatic opening thanks to the spring mechanism.

They also feature easily exchangeable blades and ergonomically shaped handles made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The blades are made of high-strength special-grade steel that is oil-hardened and tempered.

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