JohnDow Dynamic TPMS Introduces Six Training Video Modules

JohnDow Dynamic TPMS Introduces Six Training Video Modules

JohnDowTPMSvideoJohnDow Industries’ Dynamic TPMS, in an effort to enhance its existing TPMS training program, recently introduced six training video modules.

“One of the major elements for TPMS success is proper and extensive training, not only for the installer, but for all levels in the sales and distribution process,” Greg Iorfida, national sales manager for Dynamic said. “Dynamic emphasizes that understanding the basics of TPMS, how it works, how the service is performed and what to do when a question or problem arises builds confidence in everyone’s ability to sell.”

The Dynamic TPMS video topics include:

• Module #1 – Introduction To TPMS
• Module #2 – TPMS Systems & Sensors
• Module #3 – TPMS Sensor Types & Styles
• Module #4 – TPMS Sensor Programmability
• Module #5 – TPMS Service Parts, Service Kits & Valve Stems
• Module #6 – TPMS Service Parts; TPMS Sensor Replacement

The videos are three minutes or less in length and support the Dynamic TPMS commitment to training as well as the remaining Five Strategic Elements for TPMS Success. Find them on JohnDow’s YouTube page.

For more information on JohnDow Industries and Dynamic TPMS Solutions, visit or

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