Is Training For The Sake Of Training Always Worth It?

Is Training For The Sake Of Training Always Worth It?

Technology changes every day. Are you keeping your techs in top shape?

We all know the value of training – or do we? Is it always valuable? Is it alway effective? Should it always take top priority?

Naturally, you want to say yes, but experts say the RIGHT training for your team’s needs is what’s really crucial.

This episode of Talking Shop with ShopOwner focuses on the challenges of training technicians and service advisors in the automotive industry. The guests, Dave Boyes and Ron Shanas from Today’s Class, discuss the importance of training in a rapidly changing technological landscape and the difficulties shop owners face in finding time for training amidst busy schedules.

Together, they introduce their training platform, which offers daily training sessions in three to five-minute increments, tailored to the individual’s role and experience. The platform uses adaptive technology to adjust the training based on the user’s knowledge and provides feedback and opportunities for deeper learning.

In a free-form conversation with ShopOwner editor Doug Kaufman, the guests emphasize the importance of consistency in training and the benefits of their approach in terms of knowledge retention and engagement. They also discuss the flexibility of the platform, which can be configured to align with the shop’s specific needs and services.

The guests highlight the ongoing development of the platform’s content and its ability to adapt to changing industry needs. They also address common concerns and fears of shop owners, such as the perception of training as a game and the return on investment. They explain how the platform addresses these concerns and provides measurable outcomes, such as improved knowledge and performance, which can be used for salary increases, hiring decisions, and overall business improvement. 

The guests invite listeners to visit their website for more information, to participate in webinars or to learn more about the platform. 

This episode is sponsored by AAPEX 2024, the premier business and networking event in the automotive industry.  Visit to learn more about the show, being held November 5-7 in Las Vegas.

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