Inside The Bosch Xperience Mobile Technician Training
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Inside The Bosch Xperience Mobile Technician Training


GDI engine technology training


Robert Bosch LLC has been bringing technician training straight to the shop this year with its Bosch Xperience mobile tour, and when it rolled into The Swedish Solution in Orange Village, Ohio, a team of editors from Babcox Media had to check it out.

Bosch Xperience Mobile Tour22

Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets brought the GDI engine to life

In case you missed the news from the spring, The Bosch Xperience includes three fully equipped and staffed mobile units that have been stopping at shops all across the U.S. since May, and will continue right on to Nov. 7. The main topic of instruction is gasoline direct injection operation and diagnostics, with some additional braking system pointers.

The instruction inside the Xperience itself is twofold: a virtual simulation and a live, in-person training session. First, a few technicians from the shop enter the truck, take a seat, and put on a pair of Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The 10-minute video brings viewers right inside an engine while the mechanics of GDI engine technology are discussed in the headset. After the video, Ron Bilyeu continues the presentation by breaking down the four-step GDI diagnostic process:

Bosch Xperience Mobile Tour

Bosch sent Ron Bilyeu to give the in-person presentation.

1. Connect an enhanced scan tool and select the data parameters for desired fuel pressure and actual fuel pressure.

2. With key on and engine off, the fuel pressure sensor should read low pressure, approximately 50 to 75 psi. If the fuel pressure is below the specification, focus on the low pressure pump circuit and components.


3. With key on and engine running, monitor the desired fuel pressure and actual fuel pressure data parameters. The actual fuel pressure should be a close match to the desired fuel pressure in all operating ranges.

4. If the actual fuel pressure is too low or too high, the pressure regulator data parameter should be monitored for a higher or lower than normal value. This information will help determine if this issue is related to the high pressure pump, low pressure pump or high pressure pump control circuit.

Head to Bosch Xperience Mobile Tour for more information and to see the current schedule of stops by region. Businesses interested in scheduling a tour stop at their location should contact their Bosch Sales Representative.

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