How 'Online' Actually Benefits Your Shop (Video)

How ‘Online’ Actually Benefits Your Shop (Video)

It's about convenience and communication. This video is presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

What does one of the biggest companies in the world have to do with your automotive shop?

Well, Amazon has completely changed how business is conducted and customer service is handled. Amazon has made the process of selling and distributing products quick, convenient, and personal for their customers through technology. But the sellers aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of online sales.

They have also invited the customer into the process. Amazon informs the customer at each stage where the package is up until the moment the package sits on the doorstep; and even then, Amazon sends you a picture of it there.

No, I’m not suggesting you should ship components to your customers and let them install them – but you SHOULD invite your customers into the process by offering updates on their car and seeking approval of services, especially since you already have permission to text them.

You can send them a link to track the progress of their car throughout the day and send them a digital inspection to offer an even more in-depth look at the process. 

Digital inspections are a powerful tool for your shop. If used properly, you can keep your client apart of the process even if they’re not in the shop with you.

Amazon was one of the first marketplaces to recognize the importance of customer reviews. If your shop isn’t doing so already, welcome and encourage customer reviews. Use the information in the reviews, good or bad, as input on how your shop can improve its customer service.

The way you treat your customers in the shop today will single handily effect the number of customers visiting your shop in the future.

When you offer an excellent customer service experience, your clients are far more likely to stick around and use your shop any chance an issue arises.

When you ignore the needs of your customers and do not focus on going out of your way to make sure they are pleased with their services, you’re hurting your shops potential longevity in business.

I understand that there are so many obligations and responsibilities you face every day as business, but if you’re serious about the success of your shop, remember this: Your customers are important because without them, you have no business at all.

This video is presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

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