Honeywell Expands Training Program with Three New Courses for Technicians and Sales Personnel

Honeywell Expands Training Program with Three New Courses for Technicians and Sales Personnel

Honeywell CPG provides ongoing learning opportunities for those looking to stay on the cutting edge in the repair industry.

Honeywell Consumer Products Group (CPG) has made a name for itself as not only a leading supplier of automotive aftermarket car care products, but also as a go-to resource for technicians, service advisors and distributors looking for repair and maintenance information.

With several training courses available for light-duty and passenger vehicle applications, Honeywell CPG provides ongoing learning opportunities for those looking to stay on the cutting edge in the repair industry. Now, customers have even more reason to turn to Honeywell CPG, as it offers three new programs this year.

1) Automotive Electrical/Electronics Seminar – This course provides individuals with the fundamental knowledge of electrical theory, including Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Law, electrical circuits and electronic components.

2) Heavy-Duty Truck Cooling Systems and Antifreeze/Coolants – This course provides an understanding of cooling system failures and antifreeze/coolant technologies utilized on today’s heavy duty vehicles. It also brings attendees up to speed on Prestone’s offerings in the heavy duty market, including its new 50/50 formulation, which is designed to be compatible with a number of engines like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner and more. Most importantly, the course covers electrolysis and its effects on the cooling system, testing methodologies and how to properly diagnose engine coolant temperature sensor circuits.

3) Heavy-Duty & Commercial Vehicle FRAM Filter Product Knowledge – This course gives heavy-duty technicians and sales personnel complete product knowledge of FRAM filtration products for on-road and off-road heavy-duty vehicles, including the FRAM Wearguard Time Release Technology (TRTTM) oil filter for fleet vehicles, the latest breakthrough from the FRAM laboratory. The filter – which slows oil degradation in modern diesel engines – was specially designed to help heavy duty fleets extend oil-change intervals and reduce fleet maintenance costs. (Note: Any decision to extend oil drain intervals must be based on oil analysis, and adherence to OEM criteria for acceptable oil operating properties. Operating properties may include, but are not limited to, TBN, soot, viscosity, and fuel dilution.) During the course, participants will also gain knowledge on filtration function and operation.

“In today’s competitive environment, it is vital that all heavy-duty technicians understand and have the ability to diagnose electrical, cooling and filtration issues,” said Jay Buckley, technical training manager for Autolite, FRAM and Prestone. “These courses provide immense value and keep attending technicians up to date on the latest information and technology.”

The three hour long classes are exclusively available to Honeywell CPG customers and cost $500 each. Customers host the class for unlimited participants, although a minimum of three is required. The courses are taught by the CPG Technical Training Team. Registration is on a first come first served basis by calling or e-mailing Jay Buckley at (248) 629-3680 or [email protected].

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