Guest Editorial: National Car Care Month

Guest Editorial: National Car Care Month

April provides a great business building opportunity to service providers.

By Rich White, Executive Director of the Car Care Council

April is National Car Care Month and there is no better time to improve your customer relationships while at the same growing your business.

Each year, $50 billion in vehicle maintenance and repairs go unperformed. That’s a lot of service, repair and parts sales sitting on the sidelines because so many consumers don’t know what needs to be done to their vehicle and why it’s important.

Hosting a free (and fun) community car care event during National Car Care Month in April is an inexpensive and highly successful way to capture a greater share of that potential new business.

This year, with gas prices on the rise, National Car Care Month provides an extra opportunity to show motorists in your area how they can save money at the pump with a preventive maintenance plan that is sure to earn their respect and their business.

Whether you host a vehicle check event on site at your shop or you get involved in an expanded, multi-faceted event in your community, you have a tremendous opportunity to increase the goodwill and trust with your customer base.

A recent study conducted by the Car Care Council shows that motorists welcome the opportunity to participate in a free car care event. At the same time, you will have a chance to provide them needed information that will help them make informed decisions about preventive maintenance in a non-stressful environment.

Customers will appreciate the fact you are offering them this free event and will look to you for their future service and repair needs.

The Car Care Council can help you develop a plan to host a successful car care event. A free video is available on the council’s website ( that gives repair shops, stores and other industry organizations a “test drive” of community car care events with vehicle inspections.

Loaded with footage of events in several states and candid testimonials from industry professionals, the video illustrates how community car care events grow new business, increase traffic, improve employee morale and demonstrate community good will.

Shop and store owners on the video explain how the cost of holding a car care event is minimal compared to traditional advertising and describe the tool kit of marketing, event management and other resources available from the Car Care Council.

A point of sale kit ( is also available. This kits includes consumer education brochures, posters, bay banners, mirror hangers, vehicle inspection forms, an English/Spanish countermat and the very popular Car Care Guide.

Research reveals that more and more motorists are holding on to their current vehicles longer while at the same time, they are also taking better care of their vehicles. Motorists are very interested in finding ways to save money as it relates to their second largest investment. By working with your customers and developing a game plan for them, you will see a very gratified customer base that serves as a great word-of-mouth advertiser.

Don’t sit out another National Car Care Month. Start planning today for what could be the start of a real game changer for your business. For more information on National Car Care Month and the Be Car Care Aware campaign, visit

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